About SapnaOnline
SapnaOnline.com is operated by Sapna Infoway Private Limited , a Technology Company based out of Bangalore and has offices in New Delhi and Chennai.
SapnaOnline.com an e-commerce or rather an e-tailing store works on the Mission to give people the most convenient , easy and secure shopping experience on the web.
SapnaOnline.com has been noted as India’s fastest growing retailer on the web and currently has a catalogue spread of over 10 million books to browse from , over 10,000 Electronics and Gadgets to explore and over 1,000 Audio Books to listen to!
SapnaOnline.com is focused to introduce more and more catalogue’s in the exciting year of 2020-2021.
SapnaOnline.com is a team of experienced people from diverse backgrounds working together to fulfil 3 main objective's - benefiting customers of low prices, providing a vast catalogue selection and products and lastly a fast, reliable and a very safe payment and delivery option to the customers.
A Brief Stats of SapnaOnline as on 1st April 2014:
SapnaOnline.com has over Half a Million (500,000) daily active & happy users and has over a Million (1,000,000) registered users.
SapnaOnline.com ships over many thousand orders a day and is growing by the minute.
SapnaOnline.com is Headquartered in Bangalore and has it's warehouses in New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore.
This eCommerce store has been awarded the most promising e-tailing company 2013 and has got the unique tag of the most Prompt Order and Delivery channel.
Our Mission is to give you the most convenient , easy and secure shopping experience on the web.
If you are smart and dynamic, yes you can work with us. We are growing at a very fast pace and are seeking extremely smart people to come work with us. Send an e-mail at cs@sapnaonline.com and we will get back to you shortly.
Sapna Infoway Private Limited
No: 24, 2nd Cross
Bangalore - 560 009